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Questions to Ask before Buying an Eternity Ring

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Eternity Ring Buying Guide

Diamond eternity rings are considered to symbolize never-ending love and commitment between couples. There are different types of engagement rings and wedding rings, available in the market at the present. The eternity rings also are popular in the market and are used by many in their love life.

The history of the eternity ring is considered to have begun in Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians used diamond eternity rings as a symbol of eternal love. However, the eternity rings at present are not restricted to marriages or engagements. It is being used around the world, on many different occasions, where the eternal love of two or more people is celebrated.

They are used in marriages, childbirth celebrations, wedding anniversaries, etc. Whatever be the occasion, if you are planning to buy an eternity ring, certain questions need to be answered first.

What Kind of Eternity Ring Do you Want?

There are different types of eternity rings like the full eternity ring, half eternity ring or a ¾-eternity ring. You need to choose the type of eternity ring that you need to buy. You need to consider the kind of use you are expecting with the ring and buy the one, which is apt for that. For instance, if you are a person who does a lot of labor with your hands, a full eternity ring would not be a good choice for you because it may get damaged easily.

What is the Best Setting for the Eternity Ring?

There are varieties of setting styles that can be used with the eternity rings. The pave setting is the most common one that is used. It is used for the delicate eternity rings. If you want more sparkle to your eternity ring, you may prefer to use a split prong setting for your eternity ring. There is also a shared prong setting for the eternity ring.

Which Diamond Shape is Ideal for an Eternity Ring?

The round diamonds are the most commonly used diamond for making eternity rings. There are also other eternity bands like the Princess cut bands, Radiant cut bands, Asscher cut bands, Emerald cut bands, etc. There are also options to combine different shapes to make a pattern of your liking.

These are some of the things you must know for sure if you are going to buy an eternity ring. Along with this, there are many other things like the choice of the metal of the ring, diamond quality, ring size, etc. which should be considered seriously before confirming your purchase.