Celebrity Engagement Rings

5 Most Unique Celebrity Engagement Rings

Celebrity Engagement Rings
Celebrity Engagement Rings

Engagement rings encapsulate the beautiful relationship of couples; because of this, they hold sentimental value to the wearer. Also, many brides want their ring to be unique. This requires putting special attention when designing this piece of jewelry. Besides, some of the celebrity engagement rings are special because rare or unusual gemstone combinations are used for creating them. Due to this, their designs are highly sought after among brides-to-be. Read on to know more about unique celebrity engagement rings.

The Katy Bloom Engagement Ring

The engagement ring that was presented to Katy Perry by Orlando Bloom is shaped like a flower, i.e., a flower ring. It is a cluster ring that has a pink central diamond surrounded by clear diamonds symbolizing the petals. This flower-shaped ring is one of the most unique engagement rings because of its setting and the color of the stones used in it. Above all, it is a nod to Orlando’s surname as well as the couple’s love for flowers.

The Elizabeth Warn Engagement Ring

Elizabeth Hurley got engaged to Shane Warne with a blue sapphire engagement ring. The center stone is a step-cut blue diamond, and the side stones on either side are triangle-shaped colorless diamonds. Furthermore, it is estimated that the carat weight of the ring is a whopping 9 carats.

The Ariana Grande Engagement Ring

The unique engagement ring of Ariana Grande has a large oval diamond as the center stone along with a uniquely placed delicate pearl. It is believed that this ring was designed around the sentimental ring that she received as a gift from her grandparents. Its design makes it one of the unique celebrity engagement rings.

The Emily Sebastian Engagement Ring

The engagement ring of Emily Ratajkowski is Alison Lou’s two-stone setting with a princess and pear-cut diamonds. This unique combination of diamond cuts makes this engagement ring stand out among celebrity engagement rings.

The Engagement Ring Of Halle Berry

The engagement ring of Halle Berry is a unique piece of jewelry, and it was commissioned by her lover Oliver Martinez. This ring has an emerald as the center stone, and it is flanked by diamonds. The most unique feature of this ring is that it has a textured gold band. This unique ring was designed by the jeweler Robert Mazlo, who is the Paris neighbor of Olivier Martinez. Furthermore, it also has symbols and codes that can only be deciphered only by the wearer.